Safety and security 

The operations of the Port of Turku and their development are based on the safety of passengers, clients, cargo and service providers. The access control system covers all port operations and prevents those unauthorized from moving in the area. Fairway safety is monitored by the VTS (Vessel Traffic Service) radar system that covers the port’s fairway. It is supported by the 24-hour video surveillance system that covers the whole port area.

Safety in harbour is, above all, anticipation and prevention of dangerous situations, such as fires and oil damages. The co-operation with the authorities must be smooth.

Cargo safety is also an important area of responsibility. Transportation of flammable liquids and corrosive and environmentally hazardous substances is strictly controlled, and they are kept in a storage area that is one of the most modern ones in Europe. Another indication of the expertise of the Port of Turku is that the Port actively provides training in safety issues for different co-operation parties and other Finnish ports.

Port Security

Port Security Officer, Harbour Master Kari Riutta +358 50 5533 123
Deputy Port Security Officer, Deputy Harbour Master Antti Pekanheimo +358 50 5533 125
Deputy Port Security Officer Maarit Kääriä +358 50 5533 191