Development on terms of customers and the environment

The Port of Turku is continuously developing its services and infrastructure to meet its customers’ needs. Systematic and anticipating operations are enabled by close co-operation both within the Port’s own branch and with other businesses and different stakeholders.

The location of the Port at the junction of the key traffic and cargo routes of the Baltic Sea forms a basis for the development of the Port. Thanks to its good connections and service resources the Port of Turku has been accepted as a part of the TEN-T network which forms the logistical backbone of the European Union and links the different modes of transport together.

The service provision of the Port is developed through partnership-type co-operation with the leading logistics players. The goal of the commercial co-operation is to strengthen the position of the Turku region as a logistics hub offering contacts and services which bring clear added value to the companies operating in the area.

In addition to developing its own operations, the Port of Turku is actively participating in domestic and international development projects. The most important ones deal with the development of traffic networks and increasing the cost-efficiency of logistics, for example, by standardising the infrastructure of ports.

As a responsible player, we participate in many projects aimed at improving the state of the Baltic Sea by promoting the utilisation of new, environmentally sound practices and technologies.